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Our services cover the full range of website design and development - from the initial design phase right through to the finished product and hosting if you need it.

We can design you a new website from scratch, improve the design of your existing website or just make little tweaks to improve your website.


Whether it's an e-commerce site, real estate site, directory listings, or anything else, we have the necessary skills launch your website.


Lots of people access the internet on their phones and tables these days. Your website needs to look good for them too!

We've got skills

We use the latest technologies, clean and SEO friendly code and responsive design to ensure you have a website you are happy with.






Our work

Here are a few websites that we've worked on recently.
  • La Montanosa Villas
  • Hondon Valley Homes
  • We Heart Living
  • Parcel Squirrel
  • PTFindr
  • Dragonfly Action Camera
  • Dragonfly Dashcam
  • Drive Protect
  • PUMP Audio
  • Property Shop

Support Plans

Fed up with paying a high cost for fixes and updates to your website? We offer monthly support plans to keep your website up to date and secure. If needed we will also build you a new website for a small upfront fee, and then host it on our fast servers, all included in the price!Of course, this expense can be claimed as a legitimate business expense, making it financially effective for your business, while saving you money, and keeping your website safe and up to date!

Who are we?

Mike, the founder and main designer/developer of PLNT(pronounced "planet") is a 30-something website designer living in Lincolnshire in the UK. He's been designing and developing websites for over 8 years professionally(for 15 years for family and friends). He lived in Spain for 10 years, returning to the UK in July 2015. He loves WordPress and occasionally talking in the third person... There are also various other coders, designers, SEO experts, that are associated with our company and offer their services as required.

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